Let's make some trouble.

There are many ways to #claimyourpower; ChangeRoots is one.

Maybe you got up early for a workout. Maybe you hopped in the car in the wee hours to beat beach traffic. Maybe you stayed late at the office. Hopefully you were one of the first on the dancefloor.

ChangeRoots Troublemakers are a powerful bunch, and it shows in ways that might seem small. But Troublemakers know a little power goes a long way.

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We invite you to add your little bit of power to our rock band of voices. 

That's how ChangeRoots works--our combined power will get rid of the toxic partisanship polluting the institutions and airwaves of America. With ChangeRoots, we do it a quarter at a time.

Here's how you do it:

First, look anywhere from ok to ridiculously good-looking. Doesn't matter (except for the #content).

Take a picture, selfie, or boomie--maybe at work, maybe at school, maybe at home, maybe at the bar. Doesn't matter (except for the #content).

Tell us how you claim your power! Post to instagram and tag @changeroots and we'll highlight your post. Include #claimyourpower, #changeroots and #troublemaker. Then, tag a friend and ask them how they claim their power.

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If politicians today have you feeling some type of way, don't include that here. ChangeRoots is about healing our country, not amplifying the toxicity.

Maybe instead, check out ChangeRoots, and let your quarters do the talking. Fire the partisans.

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Our Story

We, the three cofounders of ChangeRoots (Jake, Christian and Sueah), became fast friends.  

We bonded over dance circles and deep conversations, music festivals and mindfulness. We are hopeful and passionate, playful and fierce.  

And we believe nothing should be taken too seriously - especially trying to change the world.

Christian and Jake are day one's. From playground rivals to college roommates, to cofounders and current roommates -- we’ve been through it all (well not “all”, but you get it).  

Always an admirer of his creative instincts (and mostly of his love of a good time), when Jake was helping to start a financial technology company, he knew it’d be way more fun with his partner in crime around. He convinced Christian to break off his love affair with New Orleans and join him back in the District to give this whole startup thing a try.

That was when we met Sueah.

It still amazes us how often ordinary moments change the trajectory of our lives--like Jake walking into the conference room one random day in 2014 to interview Sueah for an internship. Impressed by her passion and talent (and fashion sense), Jake made sure she was placed on his team that summer.  

The three of us quickly became not only a formidable force at the company, but more importantly - a force to be reckoned with on dance floors around DC. At the office we formed a product and operations pod with a ‘simple’ mandate: “make shit work.” Three acquisitions, two product launches, a system wide replatforming and one datacenter build later - we learned what feels like numerous lifetime's worth of lessons.  

When the 2016 election shocked the country, we started having a different conversation. We became increasingly concerned about toxic partisanship - which we felt was the very thing that caused the historic distrust and anger in government that led to the election - getting worse. It was clear to us what the country needed was to come together for some genuine soul searching.

Then, fate struck once again. Jake was in LA hanging out with a friend describing how this guy at dinner kept ranting about how he wished there was an app that - when he read something on the New York Times which pissed him off - would simply allow him to tap his phone and donate money to someone fighting to solve that issue.  

Light bulbs nearly exploded Jake’s head. It all became so simple. If we could just harness the collective passion of ordinary people into tiny donations, we could use the existing incentive structure - money in politics - to actually do some good and get us out of this mess. People across the country could come together to choose to stand for something better by rewarding leaders with integrity and firing toxic partisans.  

Jake knew that with Christian’s creative genius and Sueah’s operational firepower, we had a shot at building something truly game changing. So in 2018 we quit our jobs and started ChangeRoots to reverse toxic partisanship, to build a better world and to have fun doing it.  

We hope you like it. And we hope to see you in a dance circle some day.

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Sign up for our #CYP email list to see how ChangeRoots Troublemakers are claiming their power.

Jake :: CEO

Hi, I’m Jake, and I’m a recovering toxic partisan. I spent most of my life seeking out arguments with people to demonstrate why my ideas and logic are superior to theirs. In the last few years I realized how emotionally exhausting, damaging to my relationships and unproductive this became. I now claim my power through engaging with the world from a post-partisan perspective. It has enabled me to learn from those I would have previously dismissed, see the toxic partisans in my own party for what they are and honestly, to walk through life with more ease and lightness.  

PS - I also claim my power through seeing live music and dancing to forget, shows light me on fire.

Christian :: Chief Creative Officer

I claim my power through creating. I love the actual process of getting something out of my head and into the world, and the feeling of empowerment when a project is done.

At ChangeRoots, I claim my power by trying to make politics fun. I was never into politics. I've lived in a town that is liberal and a town that is (more) conservative. People on both sides seem... well... unreasonable. Political conversations are un-fun. Plus, the "normal" ways to engage with politics didn't feel like they did much to move the needle. So I started ChangeRoots with my super smart best friend, Jake, and our bite-sized other best friend, Sueah, to make something regular people want to use that works. Regular people like fun.

Sueah :: COO

I claim my power every time I remember to love all of my fears, anxiety, hopes, dreams because they make up exactly who I’m supposed to be in this moment. Every time I successfully remind myself of that, I feel powerful.  

At ChangeRoots, I claim my power by also embracing and loving America for it’s entirety and the whole. Conservatives, Liberals, Independents - all of those different perspectives represent America and learning to recognize the humanity first, even of those who don’t share my ideology, has made me feel hopeful about where the country can go.

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